Re-JUTE project


The burlap bag used in importing fertilizer and feed are discarded after reaching its destination. Hemp is an environmentally friendly natural resource which has incredibly versatile possibilities. We are here to communicate the value of this material by bringing out the full potential in process of developing its advanced recycling model. New businesses derived from the search of recycling projects should be
scrutinized further as the case in material exploration. The output followed the series of experiments is conceived by restructing the material with dye and plastic after dismantling the burlap bag and decoloration of its fibers, to add a modern touch to its unique organic texture.



あさ4asa8 photo by Yusuke Tatsumiasa7 photo by Yusuke Tatsumiasa1 photo by Seishiro Takanoasa2 photo by Seishiro Takanoasa3 photo by Seishiro Takanoasa4 photo by Seishiro Takanoasa8